After the good response to my initial T-Bird pattern, I have designed some new options.

These patterns can be customized to include different wheels, whitewheel tires, additional chrome,

painting etc. I believe that the quality of my work can be verified by members of the ThunderbirdNest

who have already received their cars. If you would like to speak with them prior to proceeding further

I can assist you in this. I have enjoyed this effort and will create new patterns should there be a demand.

If you're interested in anything here or have something else in mind, send me an email and we can discuss

what you'd like and what the price will be.

These are the available styles of intarsia T-Birds

Style 1
Top Up

Style 2
Top Down

Style 3
Top Up - framed

Style 4
Top down - Framed

Style 5
Both Cars - Framed

1956 T-Bird

T-Birds Then & Now
36" x 27"
1955, 1957, 2003 & 2004 T-Birds

Thunderbird Logo
Style 1
Coloring will vary

Thunderbird Logo
Style 2
Coloring will vary

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