My Story

Hi. So you actually want to read this huh? I was born guess we don't need to go back quite that far. I got my scroll saw in March 2004 and started doing intarsia in April/May of that year . I've never been known as an artist or being talented in art (though I can draw a pretty good "stick person") but with intarsia it was different. I found it came pretty easy for me. My first project, the horse head on this site, was less than steller but things have progressively gotten better. People have their own idea as to what is art and what is garbage so I'll leave those decisions up to the viewer. I just know I enjoy doing it and especially creating my own designs.

My favorite Websites

This is Tillman Hall, the Clemson bell tower. For more of my favorite Clemson pictures click
Clemson University Website
Tigernet - A website for Clemson fans

Intarsia Website/forum

Need Some Steel Art?

Ok enough about me; time to get back to the art.

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